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dekubitus wunde

Decubitus wounds: How to master effective treatment methods for any severity level

Learn how to manage pressure ulcers with effective treatment options for each severity level. We explain what pressure u... mehr lesen →

Bacteria in hiding: Why biofilms are so difficult to combat

1. biofilm definition: What are biofilms and why are they a problem? According to the biofilm definition, biofilms are l... mehr lesen →
chronische wunden

Chronic Wounds - When Healing Becomes a Challenge

Wounds are always described as chronic if they do not heal after 4 to 12 weeks despite treatment. Chronic, long-lasting ... mehr lesen →

From A to Z: Everything you need to know about modern wound care

Injuries happen and it's important to know about proper wound care. In this blog, you'll learn everythi... mehr lesen →