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An innovation in medical wound care

PATHELEN® Hybrid is a new microporous silica powder, that adsorbs wound exudate, reducing the healing time of chronic wounds and offers a cost-effective alternative to the current treatment options for wounds.
PATHELEN® HYBRID single bottle
PATHELEN® HYBRID clinic pack


In recent years, the PATHELEN® HYBRID therapy has been tested on patients in various hospitals and in outpatient wound care and has been continuously developed. A wide variety of exuding wound infections were successfully treated up to the complete formation of granulation tissue. Pathelen® Hybrid does not contain any cytotoxic pharmacological agents and has a purely physical effect.

This is particularly important for the new guideline for the reimbursement of bandages, which will come into force on 01.01.2022.

Successful treatments of MRSA infected wounds


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Pathelen Health Care AG is a Swiss biotech company that, in more than 7 years of research and development, has developed innovative forms of therapy for the treatment and healing of various diseases.

Pathelen Health Care AG has specialized in the therapeutic area of ​​biofilm and pathogenic germs, in particular multi-resistant germs (such as MRSA or A. Baumannii).

We are cooperation partners of the Pathelen Medical Institute, the premium health institute in the heart of Estepona, in southern Spain.


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